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Data Migration in Salesforce : 5 key (🗝️) considerations

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Introduction Salesforce, a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, serves as the backbone for many businesses worldwide. Efficient data management within a Salesforce org is vital for informed decision-making, personalised customer interactions, and streamlined business processes. Bulk data migration, the process of transferring large volumes of data between systems, becomes a critical task when organisation’s … Read more

🔒 Enhance Data Security with Salesforce SOQL: Utilizing “WITH SECURITY ENFORCED” and “strip.inaccessible” 🛡️

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If you’re a Salesforce Admin or Salesforce developer, this data security tip is a must for you… Understanding “WITH SECURITY ENFORCED” What is “WITH SECURITY ENFORCED”? Introduced in Salesforce API version 41.0, the “WITH SECURITY ENFORCED” clause in SOQL allows developers to enforce the current user’s field- and object-level permissions on the queried data. This … Read more

Relationship SOQL Queries in Salesforce 🛟 | 2024

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🔎 Lets take a look at Cross-Object Relationship SOQL Queries in Salesforce: Cross-object relationship queries are a game-changer when it comes to displaying data from multiple objects or constructing complex reports. Retrieving data from related objects in a single query has never been easier. Here are some examples of how Cross-object relationship queries can help … Read more